Sunday, May 17, 2009

My experiences with paid surveys

One year back i started by quest to some money online. I Googled to gather information regarding online works/jobs but could not find any genuine jobs. There are so many scams, bonzi schemes and frauds on the internet. Finally i read an article regarding Paid online surveys. These websites undertake surveys on behalf of companies. The companies want the opinion about their products/services in order to increase the quality of products/services. For the participation they an amount.

I joined a number of recommended websites and enrolled myself as a panel members. The reward for undertaking surveys range from Cash, Gift certificates, Entry to sweepstakes and free product trials and much more. The chances of getting survey invitations depends on various factor like your education, profession and Geographical location. Those in USA and Europe get more invitations than the people India and other Asian countries.

So far i have participated in so many surveys. Whenever a survey is available you will get an email notification. When you click the survey link you will asked several questions. This is a screening process. Those who qualified in this process will be taken to paid survey. The survey duration range from 10-60 minutes. The reward also may range from 10-300 INR (Indian Rupees).

The minimum payout is typically 1000-2000 INR. The only site in which i reached the payout is Ciao Surveys. They mailed me the Indiatimes Gift Certificates When i asked for payout. I purchased goods online using these vouchers. I subscribed for India Today Magazine and few computer stationeries.

So far i have not received cash from any sites. But i have earned money from freelance jobs available on the internet. I will discuss about it later.

For your benefit i have given links to survey websites. You too can join and earn cash online.

1. Ciao Surveys

2. YourSay

3. Survey Savvy

4. Planet Pulse

5. Brand Institute

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