Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kamasutra - Ancient book of love making

Recently i came across an ebook on kamasutra. It was written by Vatsyayana lived in ancient india. It describes in detail about the art of love making - sexual life of man and woman. It has detailed pictures of various poses while making love.

The Kama Sutra may have been produced at any time between AD 100 and AD 400, and it was written in an India that no longer exists. IN those days, the ideal citizen cultivated an ideal life. He surrounded himself with friends, made love as if it were an art form, ate and drank well, was interested in painting and music, and regarded himself as a fair lord and master.

The Kama Sutra was written for the nobility of ancient India, by a nobleman. Vatsyayana thought of life as consisting of dharma, artha, and kama. Dharma was the qcquisition of religious merit; artha was the acquistion of wealth; and kama was the acquisition of love or sessual pleasure. These ideals are not that dissimilar from the codes we live by today. Although we aren't so focused on religious merit any more, we do pursue self-knowledge and personal growth; most of us would like to have enough money to enjoy a comfortable lifestle; and most of us would like to be involved in a loving sexual relationship. The main difference is that the world today is far more egalitarian than it was in the time of Vatsyayana. The Kama Sutra was intended as a sort of businessman's textbook-only the subject matter is not money, but sex. It was aimed at men because women had very low status then. That isn't to say that women's needs are ignored in the text-they aren't. Pages of deail are aimed purely at exciting the female partner. The instructions concerning female stimulation are explicit.

The photograph is an indian painting dating back to 18th century.

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