Friday, May 15, 2009

Election results will be known in 20 hours

The countdown has started. Who will occupy the prestigious Prime minister chair in New Delhi. Congress? BJP? Third Alliance? Fourth Alliance? Everybody is nervous and biting nails.

The polling for 15th lok sabha for Indian Parliament has ended on 13th may. Counting will start by tomorrow 8 am and results and leading status will known by 10-12 am.

By tomorrow afternoon we can ascertain who will form the next Government at Delhi.

Lets come to Tamilnadu. A number of Exit polls were conducted by major medias. They predict that AIADMK alliance will get majority of the seats. The reasons being Electricity problem, Unemployment problem, widespread corruption, Srilankan war problem and so many regional issues.

In my region (coimbatore) the newly formed Kongunadu munnetra peravai has gained popularity. Basically it represents the Gounder community in the kongu region. It has tremendous support in village and suburban areas. Pollachi, coimbatore, Tirupur, erode are the major kongu strongholds. Overall they are contesting in 12 Lok sabha constituencies out of 40 in tamilnadu.

Best Ramasay, the party chief is contesting in pollachi where other candidates from DMK and ADMK are from same Gounder community.

In coimbatore the contest is between Prabhu of congress and Er.Easwaran, General secretary of Kongu peravai. A neck to neck contest is expected here. It is difficult to guess who has the edge. Let us wait and see.

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