Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Srilankas war against humanity

In the name of war on terror srilankan government is killing thousands of civilians everyday. Innocent children and women are being harassed and killed daily. Since the offensive started against LTTE three months ago more than ten thousand people are killed and several thousands are wounded/injured. International community is sleeping without any action against srilankan government. Mahinda Rajapakshe is emboldened by the inaction of India and international community. Vanni located in north eastern sri lanka is the last LTTE stronghold. Recently the Srilankan military breached the security barriers put up by the LTTE. Still thousands of civilian, ethnic minority tamils are entrapped in the area. Srilankan army is repeatedly shelling hospitals schools and other civilian targets.

Pro tiger website tamilnet has more news on the subject.

The photograph depicts children killed by srilankan airforce bombing in chencholai village in northern srilanka.

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