Saturday, May 9, 2009

India General Elections 2009

The last phase of lok sabha election will take place in four days on 13th may 2009. No party will gain single majority in this election, according to sources. Neither BJP nor congress will get maximum number of seats in order to form a government. A collation will be formed as usual. I will elaborate on tamilnadu, southern india.
In tamilnadu there are 40 loksabha constituencies. Major parties are the DMK, ADMK, congress, communist party, MDMK, TMDK, KNMP, PMK, Viduthalai chiruthai. DMK have made an alliance with the congress party. The party leader karunanidhi has taken ill and was not attending the campaigns. Today the prime minister Manmohan singh and congress chief sonia gandhi visit tamilnadu. Still 4 days left for polling all the parties are desperately making efforts to get the votes. In coimbatore and pollachi we expect the 'Kongunadu Munnetra Peravai' to win. This is a newly formed party, only four months old. The party is led by MR Best.Ramasamy with Er.Easwarn, general secretary. The party mainly focus on the issues of Kongu Region comprising Erode, Namakkal, karur, Tirupur, Coimbatore, pollachi. They are concerned about farmers, especially coconut farmers. They KNMP has been allocated 'gas cylinder' as their symbol. ADMK's jayalalitha is also making great efforts to get votes. She tours everywhere and talks about various regional issues and misuse of government machinery by karunanidhi. we anxiously waiting for the results, which would be out by 16th may evening.

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