Thursday, May 14, 2009

kongu vellalar - resources

Today I got 50% traffic to my site by search terms like kongu vellala,kongunadu munnetra peravai etc., So I understand that people need resources on these topics. So i searched the web and tried to compile a useful list of links on these topics.

I did find a bunch of matrimonial websites for kongu vellala gonders. I omit those sites.

I understand that people are looking for 'mangala vazhthu' a song of kongu. I will try to get the song.


Wikipedia has provided an article about kongunadu munnetra peravai. Its origination, party manifesto and election.


This is a community for Kongu Vellala Gounders. Gounders can join and exchange ideas.


This site provides history of kongu vellarar and boundaries of kongu region as well membership options.


This another community website for kongu people.

Hope this helps you.

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