Monday, May 25, 2009

Search engine secrets unveiled

One of the major factors of search engine ranking is keywords. Effective selection of keywords is essential for online marketing and ecommerce. While selecting keywords two factors must be considered. One is keyword competition. That is how many web pages are competing for the same keyword. If competition is high you page rank will be low. Another is traffic generated by that keyword. A low competition high traffic keyword is generally preferred.

One of the techniques i have found is is combining both high competition and low competition keyword. This results in at least some traffic to your site, if not huge. For example any high competition keyword combined with Tamil, TamilNadu, Coimbatore will get some traffic to my site. Because these regional keywords are pretty less competitive and drive some traffic through tamilians and people belong to this regions.

Keyword Country offers tools to research keywords.

You can maximize your Google AdSense earnings using their search functionality.

SEO Elite offers windows based software tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Keyword elite offers keyword research tools for webmasters.

The above to websites are run by Brad Callen the famous internet marketer.

I want the Indian people to be aware of these tools and wish them success in their online efforts. With the success of Google's AdSense Ad publishing most Indian people want to earn money through blogs and websites. People want quick success and huge money without effort and hard work. Google has suspended many Indian AdSense Accounts for fraudulent/false clicks. There is a network of people who helps each other by clicking others Ad. But Google has tools to find false clicks and suspends those accounts.

You can really get organic traffic with these tools, your hard work and patience.

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