Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A request to world community, the United Nations

Recently the Foreign secretaries of Great Britain and France have taken the Srilankan issue to the United Nations Security council's formal review. Two weeks ago they went to srilanka to assess the humanitarian situation in the north eastern srilanka. The situation is worse with more than hundreds of thousand of civilian caught trapped in the war zone. The srilankan government launched offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the month of january. Since then thousand of innocent tamils have been killed in the fighting. The srilankan army is using heavy artillery and aerial bombing in civilian areas like hospitals and schools.Worst Humanitarian crisis has arisen as a result. Thousands have fled the war zone recently. Britain and France have blamed the srilankan government for this situation. They have asked for ceasefire. But the government stubbornly refused and keep shelling and bombing the civilian areas.

I ask on behalf of the innocent Eeelam people - the minority tamils , the United Nations and other western powers to stop the war. The United states should intervene at this stage. We consider Barak Obama as Saviour of downtrodden,poor and racially discriminated people. The US must use its status as worlds super power to stop this war. Washington must act immediately before thousands more people are dead. A mere signal of us intervention in favor of Tamils can make Rajapakshe rethink about his policies toward minority Tamils. The cruelty, discrimination, torture, abduction and rapping are common in internment camps, where innocent Tamil people are held. We beg Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the universe to act on behalf of Tamils.

Here i have posted some photographs depicting the suffering of Tamils.

you can read the true story of the conflict between tamils and sinhalese from The Unspeakable Truth.

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