Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am married!

I am no longer a bachelor. I am married for 4 days now. Yes, the inevitable truth is that my marriage took place at kumaran kundru near annur on 28th may 2009. Marriage reception was held at Lakshmi Mahal, Mettupalayam. In the evening we reached my wife priya's house. We had dinner and then ....

The next day we went to our home at kaniyur. We had plan for going to kadaiyur temple, which is kula theivam for mulukathan kootam. Sivakumar, babu, vani, amma, durika, dhanmathi, me, priya, priya's mother, priya's aunt went there by two cars. We reached kadaiyur by around 1 PM. After prayers we had lunch at kangeyam. Next plan was to goto priya's kula theivam situated near vellodu, perundurai. From kangeyam we went to arachalur situated at 25 kms. From there we took left and drove some 6 kms to reach chinnamman, periamman temple. We make prayers and started for home. On the way some 2 kms before perundurai our car went down. The engine reached the maximum Temperature and let us down in the mid way. The good, old, reliable, Maruti 800 did was broke down. The radiator was boiling and hot steam was coming out. We filled the coolant tank with some water and let the engine cool for some time. The engine gave a roar when i ignited it later. We took her to Priyam motors, a Maruti authorized service station at perundurai. The problem could not be resovled until 8 pm. So we left her at the workshop and took bus to reach mettupalayam.

The next day (saturday) i was offered oil bath and was asked not to sleep the whole day. It was hard to pass time. Shiva&Co showed the latest tamil film 'pasanga'. Pasanka was the latest hit.

The next day (sunday) we went to our home at kaniyur and returned. This is mappillai azhaippu and penn azhaippu.

Today (monday) iam writing this entry. We have plans of going to kunnur/ooty today. Priya is complaining of stomach pain. Let me see that...bye...

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Anonymous said...

Oddan chatram, Dgl Dt முனியப்பன் கோவில் (இதுதான் இந்தப் பகுதியிலுள்ள கொங்கு இனத்தைச் சார்ந்த கவுண்டர்கள் கந்து வட்டி தொழில் செய்வதற்கு அனுகூலமான கடவுளாகக் கருதப் படுகிறது. தமிழகம் முழுதுமுள்ள (கொங்கு வேளாளக் கவுண்டர்கள்), இந்தியா முழுதும் உள்ள கந்து வட்டிக் கடைக்காரர்கள் இங்கு கிடாய் வெட்டி நேர்த்திக் கடன் செலுத்துகிறார்கள். நாத்திகர்களாக உள்ள கந்துவட்டி கவுண்டர்கள்கூட இங்கு நேர்த்திக் கடன் செலுத்து கிறார்கள்.)

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