Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quest for Tamil Eelam has come to an end with Prabaharan's dead

With the death of LTTE supremo prabhakaran the quest for separate Tamil Eelam has almost come to a bitter end. Rumors and suspicions about his death have been removed yesterday with the Sri Lankan Government releasing photographs of the Dead Leader. Still LTTE's Padhmanaban alleges that their leader is still alive and well. But there is no credit to his allegation. If he is alive he can express himself with latest photos are a simple tape recording/video recording, to disprove Srilankan army's statement. The photograph released by the Srilankan Government and the photo identity found with the body and DNA tests done, confirms their statement. The world's most dangerous terror outfits invincible leader met his fate in a way unknown to common. somebody speculates that he committed suicide, The SLA (Sri Lankan Army) version tells that he died by gun battle with army.

Still there are mysteries about his death:

1. There are various versions about the death. First the Army told that he died of explosion and fire while attempting to flee by Van. Later they told that he died of gun fire with bullet on his head.

2. The photograph released was only that of face. The full size photo is not released. This leads to suspicions that it might be a fabricated photo.

3. LTTE and its supporters still claiming that their leader is alive and well.

But these are only beliefs to console ourselves. The possibility/probability of prabaharan being alive is very very less. Mystery around his death is comparable to the death of Idian Freedom Fighter subash Chandara Bose. Still most people in India belives Subash Chandra Bose is alive and living somewhere. That is a nonsense.

As the decades old fight of LTTE for separate country for Tamil people comes to an end International Community must help Tamils get their political rights. President Mahinda Rajapakshe addressed in the parliament and told that Tamil will rights and will be treated equal with Sinhalese.

The photographs were release in the Srilankan Army website

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