Saturday, May 16, 2009

Motorola Service centre in Coimbatore

Motorola India has authorized service center in coimbatore. The center name is Redington india limted. The address is:

Redington India P.Ltd.
NO. 93a, Prasad Chambers,
East Arokiasamy Road,
Near Hotel Annapoorna,
R.S puram,
Combatore. PH: 0422-4369366

I recently brought my Motorola W388 to service. The battery charger was not working and ear phone also not working. My warranty was in force. The received my phone any issue a work order slip, and asked to come back after a week. I went there after a week and they promptly replace the old one with new charger and ear phone. Good service. It reposed my faith in Motorola's service.

But Motorola should develop new models with latest technologies and innovations in order to survive in the competition.

I wish to purchase a RAZR/ROKR model in the near future.


aswin said...

Redington , i would say has been a pathetic bunch . I purchased a Motorola V9 Razr from UAE with a global warranty. The back door paint peeled due to handling issues in high temp environment. I followed up with Redington say for over a month during my visit. The peopel there , mainly the lady at the reciveing counter showed a lot of Attitude towards my request for replacemnt Free of cost or payable which ever is appicable for the battery back door.
I had my concerns mailed to motorola also. and Spoke to the redington manager, which was of no use. Atleast I cannot blame them for their service since thy are nt the manufacturer, but I expected them to be sincere and frank about the replacement . She tested my patience , giving me falso commitments on tht back door citing lame issues liek cmputer failure , no Power @ office , and on and on and on..
Now one of my fond first purchase is lying , waiting for a back door. My mistake.

Kogulan said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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