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pathu porutham - marriage compatibility

'Thirumanam sorgathil nichayikkappadukirathu', is a Tamil proverb. Meaning of this proverb is 'Marriages are made in heaven'. In India especially in Tamilnadu marriage is an elaborate ceremony involving many people and done in course of months. One of the important factor deciding the compatibility between the bride and groom is Horoscope matching or jathaka porutham or pathu proutham.

Horoscope Or Jatakam is position of the nine planets surya, chandra, pudhan, sukkiran, chevvai, guru, sani, ragu and kethu. This is cast at the time of birth of a person. Horoscopes plays a vital role for forecasting future, marriage matching etc.

In fixing a marriage Horoscopes of the bride and Groom are analyzed. Seventh house in a horoscope is represents the spouse. It tells about the spouse and his/her character etc. So the seventh house should not be afflicted. Seventh house/bhava is called 'kalathra sthana'. Second house represents family. This is also considered. Affliction means occupation of malicious (phabi) planets like ragu, kethu, saturn and sevvai. sevvai dosham / mangal dosham is caused by mars(sevvai) in houses 2,4,7,8 or 12th house. When bride has mangal dosha groom should also have the dosha. Thus it is rectified or neutralized. Another dosha is Raghu/kethu. Raghu and kethu are not planets but nodes/shadows. When these nodes occupy houses 1 or 2 this is a dosha.

pathu porutham is based on nakshatra constellation. Depending on the position of moon/chandra at the time of birth nakshatra is calculated. There are 27 nakshatras.

You can use a panchang like vasan thirukanitha panchangam to calculate the match for yourself. The pathu poruthams are,
1. Dhinam
2. Ganam
3. Mahendram
4. Sthree theerkam
5. Yoni
6. Rasi
7. Rasi athipathi
8. Vasiam
9. Rachu
10. Vethai

Out this Rachu/Mangalya porutham is most important. Dhinam, Ganam, Mahendram, Yoni are other important matches.

I have a software application for marriage match. Astro Guru horoscope software analyze two horoscopes and gives a match report. If you want a match analysis and detailed chart analysis please call my number:

0 98422 84426 (Meenakshi sundarm, coimbatore)

email: sundaracm@gmail.com

I have a panel of experienced and eminent astrologers for consultation. Phone consultation is also available. Here we use traditional vedic / parashara method. Kerala famous prachana method also is used by us. Prasnam is used to answer yes or no type questions.

Here i have attached a screenshot from the sofware

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