Monday, June 15, 2009

New order from Raghvenk

We have got new software order from Raghvenk Industries today. Raghvenk Industries is a Coimbatore based company involved in FMCG distribution. They are stockists for Big Brands like Hindustan Lever (unilever), Dabur India, BPL soft Energy and Kwality walls ice creams.

Our new software will be developed using MS .NET and SQL Database. Billing and Stock management are the primary functionality needed. We are asked to finish the project work in a weeks time.

I am currently working on the Astrology package for Bangalore client. The Varshaphala part is pending and the client is urging me to complete quickly. I hope to finish it in two days. Varshphala once appeared to me very fascinating. Now i feel it not very accurate. Different software programs gave different readings for my horoscope. Tajika or Annual Horoscopy is followed only in North India and not popular in South India. If the system is accurate and give reliable predictions i can use it here and popularize the same. There are not many books on Tajika or Varshaphala. I found a good book 'A Textbook of Varshaphala' by Dr. K S Charak. Charak authored some of the best books on Vedic Astrology.

This is first book on annual horoscopy or Varshaphala (the Tajika system) which is fully illustrated.

The sixteen Tajika yogas which form the backbone of successful predictions on the basis of annual horoscopy have been most clearly explained.

Specialized ares of the Tajika system as the Muntha the Varshesha, the Tri Pataki Chakra, the Sahams,etc., have all been dealt with in details.

Covers almost all the important questions a modern man asks in the hectic whirl of his professional, personal and social life.

To be able to see with clarity how a particular year will be for you is to see the lines along which you should plan your activities, postpone some of them, get more deeply involved some of them.

Dr. Charak M.S is an Indian, working as a surgeon in Delhi.

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