Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Legacy of prabhakaran

Late LTTE chief has left a legacy. Some people still don't believe his death. It is no doubt he still lives in the hearts and minds of thousands of Tamil people. But his physical body is dead and decomposed to atoms. History has not seen a ferocious and and fearless leader as prabhaharan. He choose a wrong path for a right goal. Prabhakaran should not be taken as role model by youngsters. Eeelman now is what was it 35 years ago. Praha's 35 years struggle has earned nothing but a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives. I think about Mahatma Gandhi in this moment. He fought against the British Empire, the Empire for which the sun never sets. Gandhi finally succeeded and got independence for India. His method of Ahimsa and Non-Violence are hailed by many people in the world. People like martin luther king of America, Nelson Mandela of South Africa followed Gandhian ways of Freedom movements.

Now the choice for srilankan Tamils are Ghandian methods. International community did not help Tamils when the srilankan army surrounded them shelled mercilessly. They have done so many human rights violations and war crimes. The international community believed that LTTE were using them as human shields. LTTE has been branded as terrorist organization by many countries after september, 11 attack on the USA. So they lost support from major powers and their weapons supply was almost blocked. Now the srilankans can not kill and destroy Tamils in the name of war on Terror. LTTE is defunct now. The world community will not tolerate such actions now. Tamils now should strengthen their political goals. They must press on the government to give more powers to Tamils in North and eastern srilanka. If the Government were not yielding they should take to problem to international community in a political way.

May God bless ezham Tamils.

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