Sunday, June 28, 2009

Masilamani, Tamil Movie - Review and comments

Yesterday we (priya and me) watched the movie 'MASILAMANI' at savitha theatre, somanur. We went for the 1st show and entered the theatre at 6.00 pm sharp. Years ago when i went to movie last time ticket was sold at 10 rupees for balcony. Now they sold it for 25//- (only 20 was printed on the ticket).

By the time we entered the theatre court scene was going on. Nakul was convicted by the judge for beating.

Masilamani (Nakul) was educated (engineering), unemployed youth living with his sister. He was known as Masi. He has concerns for society and help people around him. The first court scene confirms this. Nakul beat some rowdys who harrassed an mentally retarded girl in a bus. He was given imprisonment by the judge. But the girls mother tell the judge the truth and argued masi was a good person. The film starts thus.

Dhivya (sunaina) belongs to a middle class family. She works in 'Nadanalaya', a dance training school. She prepares for a dance competition. Meanwhile in Masi's apartment there was drainage problem and overflow of sewage across all houses. So he met the area MLA along with colony people. The MLA, a money lover, did not want to meet them and his secretary told them the MLA would visit the area by evening. The MLA did not visit and by evening angry Masi & co. went to the auditorium where the dance competition was about to begin. Pepople ran outside as the group try to beat the MLA. Divya see all this and thinks masi is a rowdy.

Later Masi met Divya and fall in love with her. He expressed his love and divya promptly ignored his love.

He make plans with his friends. They took divyas dog and later told them Masi saved the dog from water lorry. Thus Masi got entrance to divya's house and was known as Mani.

Meanwhile a relative of Divyas family took charge as Police Inspector to the area. The inspector (villain) beat a woman (his head constables, wife) when they made a road blockade for water. Masi asked the inspector to ask 'sorry' to the lady. Thus masi become a enemy to the Inspector. He wants to take revenge on masi.

Divya met Mani and was shocked to know he was same as masi. Masi convinced her he was Mani and not Masi. The inspector repeatedly tries to prove him Masi. Meanwhile Masi help a girl (Divya's student) to undergo heart surgery. They fall in love atlast. Inspector also wants to marry Divya. Divya promptly refused the offer.

Inspectory took divya to masi's home to prove he is not Mani. Masi acts as dead man. Suddenly the girl came and started crying for him. (she should not have shocks as she was operated on the heart). So masi wake up and told he is alive. What then?
Divya accepts his true love and they are married.

The song Oh divya divya, Dora Dora were good.

Comedy track was done by baskar and karuna. Baskar want to become a star life rajni kanth and karuna used this and exploited him for money.

My rating is 6 out 10 for this movie.

Movie Name : Masilamani
Banner : A G S Entertainment pvt Ltd
Cast : Nakul, Sunaiana, Pavan, Santhanam, M S Bhaskar
Music Director : D Iman
Director : R N R Manohar
Lyrics : Viveka, Pa Vijay, Na Muthukumar, Emcee Jesz
Year : 2009

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