Friday, June 26, 2009

Mystery behind jacksons death

Pop music superstar Michael jackson died yesterday. He died at an age of 50. It is alleged that he died of cardiac arrest or heart attack. Like other popular celeberities, jacksons death has become a mystery. The death news of jackson gave shock to millions of his fans worldwide. Jackson released his first music album in 1972. In 1982 his 'Thriller' album became a superhit. He underwent many plastic surgeries to improve his appearance and complexion. This led to too many complications later. He also involved in many sexual scandals (homosex with minor boys). Due to repeated surgeries he had to depend on drugs and narcotics to relieve pain. It is suspected that too much medication has lead to his death. Many believe that there is secret and mystery behind his death. Los angeles police has started investigation on his death. Auto spy will be performed on his body to reveal truths.

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