Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Son is Born

I have been promoted to the rank of father!. On Friday 2nd, April 2010 priya gave birth to my male offspring at 9.12 PM. Dr. Meena Ilangovan deservers our thanks. Kiruba Hospitals, Mettupalayam is known for their best service. Especially the doctor gives special care for each and every patient.

Priya's delivery was a little complicated one when she broke the water and did not get the labor pain. The contractions of cervix is essential for labor. If a pregnant women breaks water and doesnot have pain means the baby should be delivered with in 24 hours to prevent infection. The low amniotic fluid also bring harm to the unborn baby.

Actually our doctor gave her medicine to induce contractions. At about 4 pm that evening she started feeling contractions and pain. Atlast she had severe contractions around 8 pm. At 9.12 pm the baby was delivered without cessarian surgery.

He was born in anusham nakshatra and the starting letters for his name is na, ni, nu and ne. We have selected Nishant for his name

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