Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am back

Its a long time since i made by last post on blogger. I have been busy with my newly opened computer shop. Its now two weeks old and getting busy. The highways department started road constructions work from annur to kamanaickenpalayam, as part of the upcoming Tamil language conference to be held at coimbatore. About 5 crore rupee is being spent for the road building. They have dig ditches in front of our office complex which is disrupting the business. It will take a month to complete the road. Once the road is built it will give a new outlook to karumathampatti and somanur. A bridge also will be constructed at karumathampatti to streamline the mega chenkappalli - madukkarai - kanyakumarai highway. Lands along the highway are being taken by the revenue department and the work will start by august, 2010.

Ok, the hot summer has approached and we could not bear the hot sun. The dusty and polluted Indian roads ads oil to the burning sun. The heat and sweating makes the body dehydrated and tired. The body will lose many essential salts and minerals due to sweating. This must be compensated by drinking plenty of water, fruit juices and other stuff. Try to avoid coffee, tea and cool drinks. We have a number of natural products to be consumed during the summer. The nature has gifted us, the people of tropical country, with plenty of fruits.

Watermelon is a good thirst quenching fruit. In every village / town you can find atleast one watermelon shop before you pass a kilometers length.

Tender-Coconut is all time favorite for thirst. It has all the essential minerals, glucose and water. Nature packed it perfectly for you.

Fresh fruit juices like orange, is also good for summer.

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