Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nithyananda sex scandal

The recent sexual scandal of spiritual guru paramahamsa nithyananda shocked the whole of India. The Tamil Magazine nakkheeran released video exposing the swami with Former Tamil Actress Ranjitha. This news is hot selling in TamilNadu, Karnataka and all over India. Swami have ashrams and dhyana peedams in TamilNadu, Pondichery and karnataka.

The enraged devotees are now seeking for the arrest of swami. Tamilnadu and Karnatka chief ministers have promised to take severe action against Nithyananda.

Why these men use the holy saffron to do these cheap things. If they want sex there is plenty of brothels in India. They can get women cheap. Instead they cheat people in the name of god and spirituality.

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S said...

even though ur thinking is right, but have a different thought, that why should people need and search for a middle men for all their regular activities ?

now a days people become so crazy and looking for easy route for all the normal routines, in the same way crazy people wanted to reach god so they need a middle men to reach the god in a faster way...!!

God did nt say any one this is the way to reach me...? these middlemen created some ideas and blurring people this is the way and all, but frankly speaking god doesnt have any methodology to reach him..!~

Any one can reach god by his trust on god and his true love..! they may make this happen in any kind as they know, only thing he expects the pure heart, trust and love..!

All the above is witin you then why should you need a middle men to show the way..? crazy...

Now its time to people please awake trust god dont trust middlemens...!!

Start going to temples near you instead of ashrams and stop listening lecturs...!!

All the very best,

Ramesh S

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