Friday, February 12, 2010

A new beginning

I think, this is going to be an eventful year for me. The first thing is i am going to be father in two months. Priya's due date is April 4. New role, new responsibility makes me a bit nervous. Raising a family is not an easy thing. You have to take care of many things. First thing for a family life is money. Without money you can not enjoy happiness in family life. But for an ascetic who abandoned family life, money is not a matter. A family man needs money, well enough to take care of family expenditures their food, health, education, entertainment, savings etc.

I am now heavily pressed by these burdens. Ok. lets hope things will turn better. Last week muthu rathinam and me went to LWSI, chidambaram to install the inventory software. Last saturday morning we took the Jan sathapthi 2082 express train and reached chidambaram at 4 pm. It took three days for me to set the software properly. ON monday afternoon muthu left chidambaram. On tuesday night i took ARC travel bus to reach coimbatore. I collected a check for Rs. 11212 (state bank of india, chidambaram).

Yesterday i completed software for Kaduvettipalayam oil mill. I billed rs. 10000 which was promptly paid by muthukumar.

During this week we discussed about opening new office for our ventures. Today Nandhu and me visited the new office premises and discussed about the investments. Total budget was about 4 lacs. We decided to equally share the investment as well as the profit. We estimated the monthly expenditure around 16000 and monthly income at least rs. 30000 by browsing, another 20000+ by software & hardware. We can have a monthly profit of 10000 each for the time being.

My online venture is also going on. I have created free horoscope and match making . I am getting 40-60 visitors a day now. The site was created just two weeks before. I have put free online horoscope and marriage match right now. I have plans of developing daily, weekly, monthly moon sign horoscopes or rasi pala. This needs great amount of efforts and time. But am pessimistic about the returns. I don't think the site is profitable. Since its a free website i have no way of earning a bit. Even third party advertising is not bringing in good money. I am planning to put paid consultation service in astrology, numerology etc. This week i removed Ads from many sites as the income was low. But yesterday i had 1020 page impressions. This is the first time i get this much of impressions. Hope the coming days will be joyous and satisfying.

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