Thursday, February 25, 2010


The work is almost complete for the netzone. Carpenter work has been finished and electrical wiring is being done. Today morning i pledged some jewels at Union Bank of India, Somanur to get a loan. For Agriculture purpose they are giving loan at the rate of 9.5 %. My jewels weigh about 80.9 grams or 10 sovereigns. The gold is really worth in these days. The maximum available amount for was rs. 75000. But i took only 60000. Appraiser ponnusamy wrote a check for me and i quickly encashed it. The due date is 25-feb-2011 exactly one year from today (25-feb-2010). In the evening palanisamy and bharati arrived at netzone. Also muthu came from coimbatore with three ceiling fans purchased. Rs. 10000 was given to nandhu. Kandasamy, poothottam also died in the evening. I attend the funeral and came home at 11 pm and writing this entry at 11.45 pm.

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