Saturday, February 27, 2010

1 more month to go...

Junior Sundram on his way

This is a period of grief and joy. What is the grief? Within 3 months period teknics mama and athai passed away leaving two daughters. The 16th day of aunt's death was observed today. Early this morning about 10 member went to bhavani sangamam to perform rituals. According to holy hindu scriptures after death of the body and dissolve of astral mental and other subtle bodies the soul is seperated. The soul may take another birth according to its previous karma.The soul may face hardship during it's journey. The 16th day rituals are done to help the soul and guide it in it's journey. Another school of thought is that the dead ancestors (pithru) lives in separate world called 'Pithru loga'. The 16th day poojas are done as 'pithru dharpana'.

At 4 o clock i reached home and took a short sleep for 1 hour. At 5 pm i prepared the car for travel. Yesterday the the petroleum price was hiked. The petrol price was increased by 3 rupees. Before hike petrol was sold at about 50 rupees per litre. The Auto LPG is also getting costlier. At reliance, kollupalayam it was sold at 32.19 rupees per litre.

Only one month before my sibling born on this earth. Today (saturday 27th feb, 2010) i came to mettupalayam. I reached mettupalayam at about 6 pm. Conoor grandpa was there. Priya's mother also was there. We reached the clinic 7 pm. Doctor told that the baby was ok and hoped that normal delivery was possible. She prescribed iron tonic and insisted on taking iron regularly to help maintain adequate fluid level. The next was fixed at 15th march on Monday.


The popular masi maham is going to be celebrated this year on 28, february, 2010. Last mahamaham was observed in the year 2004. It is a grand event occurs once every 12 years, when the planet jupiter transits to simha (leo) rashi of zodiac circle, and at the nakshatra constellation of 'Maham'.

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