Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New years eve

Today we got new alliappan committed suicide on railway track. Earlier he went out of home on monday and never returned home. Babu called me when i was in avinashi preparing for my peoplesoft training. I reached home and went to unjappalayam. The cremation was going on when i reached the cremation ground.I reached home at 6 pm. New year celebrations are not enthusiastic due to terrosit attack in india (mumbai) and due to global economical crisis. I wish the year 2009 prosperous and peaceful to all. Year 2008 was financially good for me comparing previous years. It is a disastrous year for relative circle. Athupalayam mama and aunt died this year. Ruckmani aunt undergoes kidney dialysis. In global terms:
In srilankan war thousands of tamils killed and SLA is vowing to capture kilinochi. Hundred died on both sides.
Iraq war is still going on, killing thousand of innocent people.
Obama elected as US President. Term of bush end on jan26 2009.
Mumbai attacks took place on 29th november 2008. Pakistan mustered forces along the indian borders.
Economy slow down in many countries.
Petrol sells at Rs.50 a litre (1.01 litre exactly for Rs.50)
1 US dollar equals 48 indian rupees
See u the next year

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