Tuesday, December 23, 2008

before christmas

Day after tomorrow is christmas and soon new year will come. Welcome to 2009. Today anuchote paid the balance $50 and gave me 9/10 review. Evening i went to kongu nagar to service studio kumars friend machine. We had a plan for a party. But i returned home at 9 pm. Lakshmi website was approved today. I shall goto vagarayampalayam tomorrow. I just finished synopis for GRD-lokesh project knitting management.
I was amazed by google search result today. When i searched for dhanmathi, our girl i got "Dhanmathi. Sweet little baby. Posted by Sundar's blog at 7:06 AM ... Some more durika · sri hari and nivi · Durika and Dhanmathi again · Some more photos ...
sundardiary.blogspot.com/2008/11/dhanmathi.html - 53k -" in the first page, first result. Thanks to google. I ready about mahavatar babaji yesterday and today. also read some pages of Autobiography of a yogi, by paramahansa yogananda. He told about kriya yoga, about his guru shri yuktheshwar, yogi Lahiri Mahasaya disciple of Mahavatar Babaji. I wonder about the spritual powers and astral world. I think about Proscript karthi now. We had no contacts for a year now. Last week i met logu annan at kpatty. He now shifted to kalapatti and looking an opportunity.

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