Friday, December 19, 2008


Iam writing after a long period. I have just finished GAF project on DNSIIS. WMI is the toughest thing in windows programming. He already released $80, another $50 awaited. Muthu and me gearing up for college projects. I need to go to tirupur tomorrow. And dhanmathi was admited at KMCH yesterday. I went yesterday with star health insurance records. Severe cold and pneumonia attack. She is recovering. I just went to KMCH at 5.30 PM today. Sivakumar, prabhu, rayappan were present. Finetech staffs too came at 7 pm. I returned at 9. Ruckmani aunt went to kidney dialysis last week. Diabetes has done its job. I pray god for her well being. Yesterday Venkat astro came home to get his cpu. Kumar, Radio mech also came afterwad. We had party near the house. I have subscribed for india today via indiatimes shopping and awaiting post. I got GC for 1200 from CIAO survey. Previous order for cooker cancelled due to non-delivery. I received USB hub. Project HEAVEN finished we prepared to send letters to prospective customers. I will send it by courier tomorrow.

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