Saturday, January 15, 2011

Petrol Price hike

Price hike of Rs. 2.50 - Pongal Gift?

The Government of India announced a hike of Rs. 2.50 for the price of Petrol effective from January 15, 2011. The price was hiked not so long ago and the price hike received stiff resistance from the opposition parties and general public. In Tamilnadu it is pongal holidays and the price hike is a unwelcome Gift.

Petroleum is vital not only for the economy but also for the individuals. Everyone depend on this non-renewable resource. In a single month the price was hiked for two times. A five rupee increase per liter will affect people dramatically. A middle class family that lives on a monthly budget suffers heavily from the price hike. And this hike is not going to stop. If this pattern goes on in a year or two the price per litre of petrol would be more than 120-130 rupees.

Beacuse petroleum prices are determined by the international market the government of India has very low control over the price hike. What should we do now? Should we completely stop using the petroleum? Right now there is no perfect alternative to Petroleum. Electrical powered vehicles are costlier and not powerful as their petroleum counterparts. Solar power also is still experimental and not practical. The government can fund reasearch at university levels for students pursuing research in alternative energy. But this will not happen in a country where IT and computers and considered supreme than traditional science subject. The politicians and policy makers are content once their pockets are filled. Spectrum and other scams fill their pockets once in a while.

Ok see u. I am going for a movie right now? My wife is urging me that the time is up. The movie is siruthai by Paruthi veeran Karthi. :)

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