Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Visitors in the year 2010

I am using sitemeter on my websites to keep track of my visitors. Most people use statcounter on their websites. But i never used statcounter and sitemeter is good for me.
It offers a lot of visitor information. For example in the summary option it gives Total visits and page views. Average daily vists and page views. Average visit length, Last hour vists and page views, today's vists and page views, weekly vists and page views. It also give Who's On? which can be used to find who is currently viewing your website. It gives Domain Name, Location, last page view, total page views and visit length. In traffic prediction menu it gives prediction of future traffic by hour, day, week and month based on past traffic.

In recent visitors option it gives recent visitors by Deatails, By referrals, By World Map, By Location, By Out Clicks, By Entry Pages, By Exit Pages.

Visits and page views can be viewed by Previous 7 Days, Previous 30 Days and Previous 12 Months.

It also gives page ranking by Entry Pages and Exit Pages.

Sitemeter is free with all these features. There is paid version as well with more in-depth details. So, use sitemeter on your website to know the details of the visitors.

Here are the visitor details for some of my sites in the year 2010. Snapshot taken on 26.January.2011
. Site: freehoroscopesonline

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