Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alert! Scam Phishing emails in the name of Gmail

I received supposedly scam emails

Today i received a suspicious email. The from address was The following is the exact copy of the email.

Gmail science & technology team has recently launched Google web software to protect and secure all Gmail Accounts. This system also enhanced efficient networking and fully supported browser. You need to upgrade to a fully supported browser by filling out the details below for validation purpose and to confirm your details on the new webmaster Central system.
Date of birth:
User Password:
Note: Your account will be disabled permanently if you failed to provide the details required above within 72hours. Gmail will not be held responsible for your negligence.
The Google web Service.
Immediately after reading the mail i doubt the authenticity of the mail. There are so many phishing attempts in the recent time. What is phishing? It is an attempt to gain the confidential and sensitive data of individuals like internet banking account name, password in an attempt to gain access to their accounts. What would happen if you give away your internet banking account details or credit card details to somebody untrusted. They will simply take away your money and run!
No banks or reputed organizations ask for user id and password. Why should they ask for them? They will have the details stored in their database.

What are the implications of responding to this mail. If you reply with your Gmail user name and password it will land in the wrong hands. The person will login to your Gmail account and look for useful information like credit card / internet banking account details.

I just posted a  messaged in Google Help forum and waiting for response. The mail i received also threatened that my Gmail account would be disabled if i did not respond within 72 hours. Google will never threaten its users in this way. In the mail i also found some terminologies that are connected in no way. Such terms as 'Web master Central' has nothing to do with Gmail accounts. It is for web site developers and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) persons.

So please ignore this email if you received one. I will update once i get further details on this scam.

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