Saturday, September 5, 2009

New blog for Tamil Songs

Now i am getting about 100 visits and 350 page views on an average from my, Astrology blog. My Tally Tutorial blog is also attracting visitors. It gets about 20-30 visitors on average. But these numbers of very low in order to generate income from advertisements. I am trying hard to push the numbers.

Meanwhile i have started working on my Tamil Songs blog. The competition is very stiff, as there are a number of quality websites offering hundreds of thousands of songs online. tops the list. The cool idea is offers widgets that can be used on blogs. These high quality widgets really makes the blog professional and rich. I have put to of these widgets and have changed my default themes. But this is not enough for search engines! They need SEO to be done in order to get high ranking. I hope to make this blog highly trafficked before the end of this month.

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