Wednesday, September 2, 2009

YS Rajasekara reddy

Andhra pradesh Chief minister YS. Rajasekar Reddy Missing

Andhra pradesh is one of the largest states in Indian union. The states forms the southern Indian sub continent. The state is governed by congress party and chief of its minister is Y.S.Rajasekar redy. And the hottest news in India is The chief minister reddy is missing for about 20 hours now and his whereabouts in not know yet.

Reddy traveled on a helicopter yesterday and communications were lost soon. He travled above deep mountain and forest area where naxalites present in large numbers. His helicopter has been found at veligonda mountains, some 90 kilometer from karnool district, Andhrapradesh.

May be a technical fault could have landed the choper down. But where is the crew? How they disappeared? This is not an ordinary choper crash. One the high profile case that have shocked the nation.

Meanwhile The congress party convened meeting at New Delhi to discuss the further actions.

What happened to reddy travelled on the chopper?
Whether he is abducted? What happened to his aids and pilot? He lost way in the jungle? What happened to the powerful person of the biggest state?

Meanwhile CRPF, Army and special cobra commando force have been put into action. Army helicopter and Indian Airforce special forces are searching for the Chief Minister. The entire country is looking for news about his whereabouts? and what abouts?

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