Friday, September 11, 2009

HP Compaq Presario Purchased

Yesterday we purchased a Compaq Presario Desktop for my elder brother Prabakaran. He is working as advocate and wanted to computerize his office. He need to read law books and get reference from them. Search of law books will be easier with computer. He also need to type the documents and letters and print them.

To satisfy the above requirements we purchased an Intel Dual core based CPU 2.5 GHz speed. We asked for a quote from HP Dealer at 100 ft Road. Here is the price

Intel Dual Core CPU @ 2.5 GHz
320 GB Hard Disk
18.5 inch TFT Monitor
DVD Writer
Keyboard & mouse

Price Rs. 23250

If you want only 15 inch display then

Price Rs. 21250

There was a free offer, a UPS with out further cost.

The actual price at the dealer is 21500. But we purchased from 'Computer Island' that was my regular whole seller. This is the place where i purchase components for my clients.

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