Friday, April 24, 2009

Vellingiri Tour

I have just finished a trip to vellingiri hills. Vellingiri is situated some 25-30 kilometers west of coimbatore city. It is in the poondi villagae Near siruvani dam. Isha yoga is another attraction here. We started on the night of wednesday 22nd april 2009. Prathosham day favorable to lord shiva. Me, venkatachalan, kumar, ponnusami and bharathi started at 10 pm from karumathampatty by maruti 800. We reached the base at 12 am. we ate some uthappam there. we started climbing at 1.30 am. we worn out quickly. There were 7 hills to be climbed. The first hill ends at vellai vinayagar temple. There is no proper foot steps to climb. The path was rough and dangerous. Anybody makes a fall has less chance to be alive. We reached the water pond at 5 am. Many took bath. We reached the peak at 6.15 am and viewed the sunrise from there. Descending was tough. We prepared sticks and started at 7.00 am. We had chappathis brought by kumar. The great hill brought everyone to their knees. Guys started waling in four legs. After several stoppages and refreshment we reached the base at 12.40 pm. We prayed the lord and set out to home. The day was announced as bandth by DMK for Srilanka Tamil problems. The fighting at peak and only 8sqkm was in LTTE hands. I have enclosed few photogaraphs of vellingiri tour.

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