Monday, April 20, 2009

Election & Marraige

Two important events take place during this period. I am getting married on may 28th and loksabha (parliament) general elections take place during april-may. Election is conducted in five phases. First phase finished on 16th april covering kerala and few northern states. Last phase will be on 16th may covering tamilnadu. New government will take office in early june.
We are distributing invitations for my marriage. We traveled almost 500 kilometers and distributed over 150 invitations so far. Kilakala thottam maniannan, minnakadu maniannan periamma accompanied us.
Yesterday i received 'A textbook of varshaphala' from new delhi based 'oscar publications' by placing order online at The book cost 260 including courier. I expect to finish the project this week.
I am afflicted by severe cold&cough these days. The immunity is low, morale is low. Life is not worth living :(
We have planned to goto vellingiri tomorrow. Bharathi, ponnusami, me, kumar make up the team. South kailash is worth visiting.

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