Sunday, February 1, 2009

Visit to priyas house

Today we went to priya's house at mettupalayam. Babu,prabhu,me,anni,amma,senthil, ayyan, mani annan, subbu annan-anni reached there at 12.00 noon. I met priya and her relatives. After a while we say good bye and returned. Kumar joined me there. We left for home at 2 pm. She was really nervous and fearful. I was sorry about it. I think i horrified her. Sorry. I have no intention of hurting anybody by word or deed. Her sister was very talkative. We spoke with her first. Her brothers joined later. I really did not know how to start a conversation. I was in a bit awkward situation. Anyhow i managed by asking her some questions. She never asked me a questions. Poor and pathetic. I don't think she is a coward. My sympathy with her. For now i don't know how to console her. I will discuss about it in future. By the way, an astrologer came there and fixed dates. I am not sure about his talents in astrology. On the way back we had our lunch in a dhaba. The day was filled with mixed feelings of happy, joy, sorrow etc., I think this a unique day in my life. This day wont come again. I received an SMS later in the evening.

Hard word's can't touch any soft heart....
But soft word's can touch any hard heart....
So speak in a soft way'

;-)good night

this is the exact msg. Did i speak in a hard way. I shall ask her about this in future. She is delicate girl. As delicate as a glass. Can break easily. I swear i wont speak to anybody in hard way. God, please forgive my sins. I think she is god's gift to me. Thank you priya, for being a part of my life, for believing me and trusting me and accepting me as life partner. I think this day will change my life forever. From today onwards am a newborn with new visions new missions. I shall remember this day for the rest of my life.

Thank you folks! For reading this.

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